A lot of arguments have come up in recent times debating about the effect of social media advertising via a website’s search rank. Some might argue that social media has no direct effect on SEO, but there are a lot of ways it can drive organic traffic to one’s business. There are proven points that have shown how effective social media can bring positive results via digital marketing for SEO. The tips discussed below have shown that social media advertising can affect rankings and give your business the traffic it desires.

1. Social Media Drives Unique Traffic To Your Website. Social media platforms have provided a means to place links which direct traffic to one's website. As we know, getting regular traffic is one of the criteria to rank your website high on search engines. Social media has affected website traffic by giving sites more visibility to its contents through search engines. Furthermore, when your website content is being shared by your social media audience’s network, they will indirectly drive more traffic to your website and boost your rankings as well.

2. Ranking Social Media Profile
Studies have shown that profiles aren’t just confined to social media alone, but they also rank in search engines. They are visible in branded search engine results. When your social media profile is being optimized, your search engine appearance drives traffic to your website accordingly.

3. Improves your Local SEO
Social media advertising also affects your local SEO in various ways. such as;
i. NAP- This signifies the Name, Address, and the Phone Number of Your Business. This plays a very crucial role in local search rankings. If you consistently maintain your Business Name, Address and Phone Number on all your social media pages Google will make visible your business on the search engines. This is because your business has been categorized credible by Google. This will definitely boost your social media status via the Google search engine.

ii. GEO TAGS - These involve using social media platforms to geo-tag your stories or posts related to your business. This is one indirect way to improve your digital marketing campaigns via SEM. Your business can gain more visibility among its audience via engaging in posts as it helps your business expand its reach.

iii. GOOD RATING - The reviews on your social media page can go a long way to attract local customers to your business. When buyers search a particular product or services attached to your business, a displayed snippet containing reviews would show on the search engine. This will go a long way to instil trust in your business and shows positive results for your digital marketing campaign.

4. Social Media platforms ping Search Engines
Studies have shown that people search for services or products via the social media more and more. They don’t only go to Google, Yahoo or Bing to look for stuff, people also use social media to search just as much. Don't be left out of this large network of engaged shoppers. 

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