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Think about back in the day (before social media), when you used to have to pay many thousands of dollars to run an ad on TV, in hopes of reaching your target audience as a business. The truth is that ad rarely met your audience. If you were selling makeup for women, then all the men watching the commercial would roll their eyes while you wasted your ad spend dollars on the wrong demographic for sales conversions. The same applies to Radio. Today Social Media has optimized running ads to the right people for businesses. Now giving businesses the power to choose what demographic of customers they want to target with every dollar spent on ads. This includes, the age of the viewer, the sex, the location, their interests and even behaviors can all be targeted when running an ad. Adding your competitors' keywords or website in the 'interests' section will target their audience. Bonus tip: When adding behaviors, include 'engaged shoppers'. This will include only people who already actively shop online or have made a purchase online before. 



Another key factor is to implement Facebook Pixel on your website and use that while running Facebook ads. Facebook Pixel is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to follow actions your audience is taking on your website, such as going to the cart and not completing checkout, or even just looking around. You'll be able to retarget that audience in ads and promotions in the future. If you hired a social media manager that hasn't implemented pixels on your website, they are not optimizing your target audience reach, in result costing you ad spend dollars.


If you require assistance configuring, installing and managing your Pixel contact a certified digital marketing expert at


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  • Excellent conversion rate.

    Hannah G.
  • We saw a significant increase in sales conversions on our ads upon implementing Facebook pixel.

    Ioannis T.

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