Ledger Nano S vs Ledger Nano X For Your Cryptocurrency Storage

Ledger Nano S vs Ledger Nano X

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If you wish to fully protect your money against online threats, that’s exactly what both Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X do.

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Ledger Nano S was launched in 2016, becoming a fundamental tool for users.

In a short time It turned into the symbol of hardware wallets. These are devices designed with specific features that fully protect the private keys.

Ledger Nano S defeated the competition of Trezor devices, such that by now every enthusiast, trader or investor can’t do without the “key” manufactured by the French firm.

However since 2019 a new and more innovative device has been available, being called Ledger Nano X.


Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet being distinguished by its feature of not exhibit the private keys used to sign transactions.

Ledger Nano S is indeed a micro PC with its own O.S. (Bolos). It transfers data to PCs via the USB cable provided in the box.

Ledger Nano S connected to laptop via USB

Ledger Nano S being connected to laptop via USB cable

The private keys stay stored in a tamper proof memory area accessible only by the Ledger hardware following O.S. calls.

The private keys are protected by a “secure element” being locked through a PIN code.

In simple terms, even if you were to use your Ledger Nano S on infected computers, your cryptocurrencies would not be at risk: the private keys never leave the protected area of the device.

The operations are controlled through two buttons only and are displayed on the device screen.

In order to send a transaction it is mandatory to sign it by physically pressing both two buttons of the device, after checking on the screen the amount and the destination address.

A transaction is authorized only by physically pressing the buttons. No malware can steal your cryptocurrencies!



Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is based on the same security tenets as Ledger Nano S, though its secure element chip (ST33) is more powerful than the one in the Ledger Nano S (ST31).

Anyway, the distinctive feature of Ledger Nano X is that it is designed for mobile use.

It integrates bluetooth communication, such that it can be used wireless via smartphones or tablets thanks to Ledger Live mobile app.

Sending a transaction via smartphone using a Ledger Nano X
Sending a transaction via smartphone using a Ledger Nano X

In order to protect the user privacy, bluetooth connection is end-to-end encrypted.

Even if an attacker were to manage to compromise bluetooth transport, he would not be able to get the private keys or sign a transaction the user does not want to send.

At this point the reason is clear to you: the private keys always stay within the secure chip protecting them.

If the user does not need a wireless connection, you are able to disable bluetooth anytime.

Ledger Nano X can be also used via its USB cable connecting the device either to PCs or laptops.

In simple terms, Ledger Nano X allows you to choose the option you prefer:

1) you can use it with either your smartphone or tablet thanks to bluetooth connection;

2) you can connect it either to your PC or laptop (64 bit only) via the USB cable provided in the box.

Ledger Nano X features more storage space than Ledger Nano S.

It supports up to 100 applications simultaneously installed, though the actual capacity depends on the size of the apps.

Ledger Nano X battery capacity is 100 mAh. It can be charged by connecting the device either to a PC or laptop via the USB cable, otherwise through a power bank.

Battery life is up to 8 hours in case of use whereas it is some months (up to 3) if the device is idle.

Ledger Nano X screen (128x64) is bigger than that of Ledger Nano S (128x32).

The larger the screen size the better you can view either the details of transactions you are going to send or the address where you want to receive the funds.



Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The choice depends on the concrete needs of the user who must use it.

You may just need one specific device, or both for using them in combination.


Ledger Nano S

If you are a long term holder that only rarely sends transactions, a Ledger Nano S to be used either via PC or laptop may be fine.

If you are aware that you will never have the need of sending or receiving cryptocurrencies either via smartphone or tablet, at any time and wherever you will be, you may not need to purchase a Ledger Nano X.

All in all Ledger Nano S is not suitable especially for users who need a device to be used at any time in combination with smartphones or tablets, without being compelled to physically connect it to PCs or laptops.

If a wired connection does not bother you, you will still be able to link your Ledger Nano S either to Android smartphones or tablets via an OTG cable.

At the last, Ledger Nano S has an additional feature: it can be also used as a device for two-factor authentication according to the FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F) standard.

This is not related to cryptocurrencies. It is an additional utility for your Ledger device to secure online accounts.

Ethereum 2.0 note: Ledger Nano S does not support yet deposit contract validation for ETH 2.0. It will do later in 2021.

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Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the appropriate solution for users who want to be able to send transactions either via smartphones or tablets when they are not at home or have not a laptop with them.

For instance, if you are on the beach and need to send a transaction (either for trading reasons or to pay something), but you have only a smartphone with you, thanks to the combination with Ledger Nano X you can send or receive cryptocurrencies at any minute.

Another reason for picking a Ledger Nano X is for its increased storage space.

When Ledger Nano S memory is full, you have to delete some apps to get space for others. For instance, if you want to install the Ethereum app but run out of space you must first delete another one (for example the Ripple app).

Obviously the deletion of an app does not result in the loss of the associated cryptocurrencies. Anyway some users may still consider cumbersome this “cancellation and re-installation” procedure.

Hence Ledger Nano X is suitable for users who want to manage several cryptocurrencies and need to install multiple applications.

As already mentioned, Ledger Nano X can store up to 100 applications simultaneously, whereas Ledger Nano S storage space is only for 4 apps at most.

Now also Ledger Nano X can be used as a device for two-factor authentication as explained hereinbefore.

Ethereum 2.0 note: Ledger Nano X is already set to support deposit contract validation for ETH 2.0 (as of firmware version 1.2.4–5).

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Ledger launched the Ledger Family Pack

  • Ledger Family Pack S
  • Ledger Family Pack X

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Ledger Nano S features:

  • secure element chip (ST31);
  • wired connection only;
  • less storage space (160 Kb);
  • smaller screen (128x32);
  • two factor authentication (U2F) feature supported;
  • not ready yet for deposit contract validation for ETH 2.0;
  • colored (transparent, black, yellow, blue, pink and green).
Ledger Nano S colors
Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano X features:

  • more powerful secure element chip (ST33);
  • either bluetooth or wired connection;
  • five times more available storage space for apps;
  • larger screen (128x64);
  • two factor authentication (U2F) feature supported;
  • already set to support deposit contract validation for ETH 2.0;
  • unicolor (black).
Ledger Nano X black color
Ledger Nano X black color
Ledger devices are among the best hardware wallets, well designed, practical and safe. Furthermore, these are the the most widely supported devices across third-party wallets and blockchain apps and services.

In order to prevent the devices from being tampered with, buy them only via the OFFICIAL LEDGER WEB STORE HERE


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