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Inside the book, Russell shares his secrets on the art of finding your voice and creating a message that will connect with your audience, so you can convert more visitors into buyers. These are the same scripts and strategies that Russell uses (and that I use) inside each of his funnels and presentations.



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When You Get This Best Selling Book For FREE... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...
Inside of Expert Secrets I will be sharing with you 19 secrets to help you convert your online visitors into lifelong customers
Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of this new book: 
Section #1: Creating Your Movement
  • Secret #1: How To Find Your VOICE, And Move Away From Just Selling A Product Or Service... And Toward Creating Offers, And Finally Leading A Movement That Changes The Lives Of Your Customers!
  • ​Secret #2: The FRAMEWORK For Teaching Your Frameworks… (The Process For Delivering Your Knowledge And Skills In A Way That Helps Your Dream Customers Learn, And Guides Them STRAIGHT To The Result They Want!)
  • Secret #3: How To Create Your Own “Blue Ocean” In A “Red Market”, That Sets You Up As The Category King Of Your Niche... And Leave All Your Competitors Fighting Over The Scraps In Your Category.   
  • ​Secret #4: The ONLY Thing That Causes Your Dream Customers To Move Toward Your Offer (Or Not Move At All)... Understand This ONE Concept, And It Will Forever Change How You Communicate With Your Customers
  • Secret #5: How To Re-Package The SAME Content You’ve Been Selling In A Different Way, That Adds NEW Value For Your Customer That They’re Willing To Pay A Higher Price For!
  • Secret #6: Give Your Followers HOPE Of Something Better That’s Coming... So They Build Excitement and Anticipation For The CHANGE You’re About To Offer Them! (This Is The THIRD Stage Of Becoming The Expert)
Section #2: Creating Belief
  • Secret #7: How To Create A Powerful “A Ha” Moment For Your Customers That Gives Them Clarity On How To Solve Their Problem... So That They’ve Already Pre-Sold Themselves On Your Solution Before You’ve Even Made The Offer!  
  • ​Secret #8: The Two-Part “Journey” Framework That SIMPLIFIES Story Structuring, And The Key To Making Sure Your Message Has MAXIMUM Emotional Impact As A Great StoryTeller!
  • Secret #9: The Script That Turns A Quick Engaging Story Or Experience Into A Pivotal Light-Bulb Moment For Your Dream Customers That Leaves Them Already Sold On The Solution You’re About To Offer!  
  • ​Secret #10: The 4 Stories You Can Use Together To REWRITE The Stories That Are In Your Dream Customer’s Head That Aren’t Serving Them, Or Telling Them They CAN’T...
Section #3: One-to-Many Selling
  • Secret #11: The detailed step-by-step FRAMEWORK that builds massive value for your customers, PRE-SELLS them on your offer (so you don’t have to do any actual selling), and motivates them to buy RIGHT NOW! (I use this every single time I go on stage (or a webinar) to deliver a presentation where I make an offer.)  
  • ​Secret #12: How To Knock Down Your Customer's MAIN False Belief That Is Keeping Your Customer From Saying “YES!” To Your Offer... (Once This Happens, All Of Their Other False Beliefs Will Come Crashing Down!)
  • Secret #13: Use This 3-Part Story-Selling Framework To Squash Your Customers’ False Beliefs BEFORE They Even Have A Chance To Think Of Them... And Rebuild Belief Patterns That Inspires Them To Take ACTION And Change Their Lives!  
  • ​Secret #14: The Exact Script To Use To Easily Transition You From The “Content” Part Of Your Presentation, To Making An “Offer” And Closing The Sale (Here’s A Detailed Break-Down Of What To Say Slide-By-Slide!)
  • Secret #15: My 16 FAVORITE Mini-Closes That You Can Layer And Plug Into Your Presentation To Help Persuade Customers to Buy Your Offer (I combine these closes almost anytime I’m going to ask somebody to make an investment with me!)
Section #4: Becoming Your Dream Customer's Guide
  • Secret #16: The 7-Day schedule you should follow EVERY week for an entire year to “test and tweak” your presentation...or until you hit the Two Comma Club (whichever comes sooner!) 
  • ​Secret #17: Use This Perfect Webinar SHORTCUT, And Get Your FULL Presentation Created In Just 10-15 Minutes... (This Works GREAT For When You Need To Get An Offer Out To Your Audience FAST, And Don’t Have Weeks Or Days To Plan Out A Traditional Perfect Webinar!) 
  • Secret #18: This Script Chops Your Perfect Webinar Down To Just 5 Minutes... without cutting the value of your offer! (Use This For FB Lives, Sales Pages, And When The Product You’re Selling Is Under $100!)  
  • ​Secret #19: ...AND, How To Weave ALL Of These Stories, Scripts, And Frameworks Inside This Book Into Different LEVELS In Your Funnel (And Even Outside Your Funnel), So You Can Guide Your Dream Customers Straight Toward The Result They Really Want!  








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  • This book is very informative and an excellent read for beginners getting into click funnels.

    Silvia D.

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